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There are many ways to distribute a game. Web-based Advergames are mostly published on the Internet, reaching a wide range of audience, and collect responses quickly. Another similar way to distribute a game is mobile platforms or digital TV's. Games can also be recorded into portable media like CDs, and sent to consumers directly. It depends on the marketing strategy and campaign.

Needless to say that most effective way to distribute an advergame is via Internet and/or mobile. Web-games are quickly-loaded, easily reachable interactive applications which allow mooboo to help you to build a web-community where you can generate a large user database for further use. Advergames can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

Games, admit it. You love them!

Although most of the web-games are designed for an adult audience, there are also a host of games also developed for children. Recent research made in the US shows the average age of computer and video game players is said to be 29. This research also found that female players prefer casual games when compared to men. Considering the casual games, in a recent study conducted by CEA, it is put forth that there are more women gamers than males in the 25-35 age range. Most of the web-games are designed as casual games; because they are easier to learn and load faster. It is also suggested that women may also be buying these games for their husband or children.

Edutainment, fun in learning.

Edutainment is essentially entertainment designed to educate and amuse. Although this concept is initially defined as an alternative technique for tutoring, it is widely used to educate adults as well. A variety of groups in the US and the UK have used edutainment to address health and social issues such as substance abuse, immunization, teenage pregnancy, HIV / AIDS, and cancer.

Banner Games

Advergaming brings another opportunity for banners. Games are challenges that consumers do not easily reject. Instead of static banners of standard animations, visitors may be invited to casual games on banners. It might be suggested that banners are very limited environment, in both size (as KB) and dimensions. However, a 25K, 468x200 roll-over banner is more than enough for a game.

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