What is the prominent fundamental when it comes to live events? How your audience and sponsors 'FEEL' with the overall event experience.

Emotions are the backbone of the decision making process and will determine whether your shareholders are happy or dissatisfied, if your sponsor wishes to proceed to sponsor your next event, if a retailer or distributor takes on your product or if people sign up to whatever you have to offer.

The risks and rewards are endless, however, one thing is consistent; in order to achieve success your customers must experience elevated positive emotions that are anchored to your brand, product, service or offering.

IF done right, your prospects can become a stark raving fans and we know this is the backbone of commercial success. If done poorly than you may have a lot more to lose than initially imagined.

Heightened states of positive emotions, this is THE GOLDEN TICKET.

mooboo have the expertise, strategy and creativity to design and produce award winning event experiences and are fortunate enough to be sister company to Ignite AV who are an events production and hire company a perfect duo!

This means we can help you achieve your outcomes all under one roof. Events we often service include:

  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Gala Dinners
  • Conferences
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Fashion Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Gaming Events and more

We'd love to help you meet your event outcomes. Contact us today for a no obligations chat.