Food for thought.

According to estimates by The ITU (2011), there are 1.2 billion active mobile-broadband subscriptions in the world. That is 17 percent of the global population.

  • Mobile broadband subscriptions have grown 45% annually over the last 4 years!
  • In developed countries, mobile broadband subscriptions outnumber fixed broadband subscriptions 2:1
  • In developed countries mobile-broadband users often also have a fixed-broadband connection, but in developing countries mobile broadband is often the only access method available to people.
  • Informa/KPCA (May 2012) estimates that there are 1.1 billion 3G subscribers worldwide, that's about 18 percent penetration
  • Informa/KPCB's stats for global 3G subscribers, see below, include a very low estimate for Chinese 3G users (nearly 1 million less than numbers reported by Chinese mobile operators). This may help explain the discrepancy between the ITU and Informa/KPCB stats.
  • Ericsson (June 2012) also calculates that there are 1.1 billion mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide, growing at 60 percent year-on-year. At that rate Ericsson predicts there will be 5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions in 2017.
  • Ericsson believes that laptop- and tablet-based mobile connections account for 200 million mobile broadband connections in 2011 rising to 650 million in 2017 (which would be almost as high as the number of fixed broadband connections).

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