In most cases this value is being undermined by ineffective and improper use of the QR technology. IF HOWEVER, a QR code campaign is strategically designed and well thought out the rewards can be endless.

But what is a QR code? QR is short for Quick Response and are 2 dimensional codes (also known as a matrix code) that can include text, links or other information that can be read by smartphones and some camera equipped cell phones. This means that a user can scan your code with their mobile device and be delivered straight to a specific page, take you to a trailer for a movie, or it maybe give you a coupon that you can use in a local outlet. In fact these are all some pretty basic uses. QR codes are truly amazing when an outcome is clearly defined, mixed with some creative thinking and blended with some strategy? That's when magic can happen!

People sometimes mention barcodes so lets hit that ball out of the stadium! QR codes can store (and digitally present) much more data, including url links, geo coordinates, and text in comparison to barcodes and therefore it is a completely different beast.

Also of showing users a generic message like 'Find us on Facebook'. You can provide users with a simple "scan-able" action step by showcasing a QR code as apposed to the passive "Find Us" message, meaning you get to take the direct approach and create a "check-in station" where users can take direct actions in fewer steps.

The fewer the steps, the higher the conversion rate.

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