A website must assist an organization in achieving its objectives and allow its customers and prospects to learn more about an organization and its product or service offering with clear direction toward the outcome, whether it be a quest for further information, a purchase decision or just a simple click to a specific action or sequence of actions.

As staff facilitate this process in a physical store, your user interface is what you rely on to facilitate this process on your website or application. It can mean the difference between acquiring and retaining customers and prospects or deterring them from ever returning. Here lies the importance of user interface and why it is critical to your success online. Usability is the foundation of a successful user interface, and is the easiest process for creating a positive user experience or indeed a negative one.

A positive user experience is a critical part of the overall customer experience and helps define the relationship your customers have with your brand. Here are some top tips for increasing usability and enhancing your customers' experience with your brand:

  • Make your user interface as intuitive as possible
  • Restrain from information overload
  • Use clear and unambiguous wording for messages and labels
  • Group things appropriately
  • Maintain consistency throughout the website
  • Use appropriate graphics and language
  • Avoid distractions

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